~ subscribe to our youtube channel before requesting
~ after that, fill up the carrd request form
~ please provide images or we wont be able to do your request
~ have your dms open
~ you will be able to receive an email if we accepted or decline your request
💭 how do i check if you rejected or approved?
💭 how do i accept the carrd request?
💭 how to request a copy of carrd?
things to know before requesting
~ be specific of what carrd layout or theme
~ MUST have an active + verified carrd acc, leave out 1 space for the new carrd (3 carrds is the maximum for those who don't have carrd pro plan)
~ no limit of requesting a carrd (you can request multiple times)
~ we don't do carrds: requires carrd pro + features, and over 50 elements
~ you have 3 days to accept the transfer request, we delete if there is no response!
~ please only speak in english
don't request a carrd if
~ islamophobic, homophobic, impatient, lgbtphobic, misogynist, racist, invalidate neopronouns, + more
~ not gonna use the carrd
~ impatient and rushing admins

<< email format when we denied or approved your carrd request.
1) You submitted a form.
2) We will receive a notification via email and reviews the form carefully.
3) We confirm and deciding to deny/approve.
4) You will receive an email whether we approved or denied your request.

email format: [email protected] is a sample

Scenario A. when your request is denied

Scenario B. when your request is approved

~ carrd request should no take up a week or more than 3 days. [if you didnt receive any carrd transfer request over a week, there are chances that we rejected]
~ we always delete the form after you receive carrd AND there is no information saved
~ do not re-post and use our carrds without asking permission + do not sell and profit off the carrd layouts ive made... use them for only personal use

<< how do you accept a transfer request?

1. open your browser, and visit
2. You can notice there are two options; the options are "Choose a Starting Point" and "Open Dashboard".. So in that scenario, you will choose the "Open Dashboard option and it will lead you to your dashboard.

3. This must your dashboard looks like when it leads you here, you will find the bell icon (with notification) from the upper top of your screen or the at the left side

4. When you click that bell icon, you can see there's a transfer request notification from someone or from me, then there are options whether to accept or decline; you can accept or decline anytime.
And you can check the website link by clicking the grey-colored text right beside the thumbnail of the website.
If you accept, you will own the carrd, it will grant you to have full access to the carrd but the sender does not get any access or edit anything.
if you decline, you will not get to access the carrd, but the one who sent you transfer request will get the carrd back in their dashboard.

admin 🩹
naoi - he/bun/they

admin ⚡
cal - they/them

bolded and (hearted) ♡ = made tutorial
back? ↻

<< 💭 How do i request a copy of carrd?

1) subscribe to our Youtube channel first, and provide screenshot proving that you subscribed
2) we will only send copies from rkive list
3) after you choose, fill up this form directly
4) please be patient since we don't have full access at all times! do not request if you're impatient and rude!